Monday, June 16, 2008

Pure Water Adventures - The Beginning

Why water adventures? Well, let me begin by stating that I am a Southerner who has been living in Northern climes for the past 12 years with my husband, Anthony, an upstate New Yorker. It is cold...very cold. We finally decided to relocate back to North Carolina, my home state. I have a large family in northeastern North Carolina, and we found a water distributorship, LeBleu Ultra Pure Bottled Water, available in the Outer Banks area. Water, sun, the beach, family nearby - it was perfect! Unfortunately, I had a son in his last year of middle school and a son in his last year of high school. So, we decided to buy the distributorship and Anthony would relocate and live with my parents for a year while I stayed in Wethersfield, CT until the boys finished school. After graduation in 2007, the rest of the crew headed South in July. Oh, did I mention my mother-in-law was part of the "crew"?
We settled in Grandy in Currituck County, NC about 10 minutes from our office. The only trouble was getting my husband adjusted to not having my mother cooking and cleaning for him. He readily adapted to having his dinner on the table when he returned from work and having his lunch made and ready for him in the morning to take to work. Things changed when he left the in-law nest. He eats alot more frozen food now days.
Why "pure" water adventures? When we bought the business, I didn't know anything about water. All I knew was that the water coming out of my tap in Grandy was not the best. It had a very strong taste and smell. I started drinking our water, LeBleu. What a difference! LeBleu is an ultra pure, steam distilled water manufactured in Advance, NC. It starts as municipal water that LeBleu distills and ozonates. Steam distillation kills harmful bacteria and viruses, removes virtually all foreign particles, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, chlorine and most volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Here's how it works:
  • Water is heated in a chamber and turned into vapor (steam).
  • This water vapor rises leaving impurities behind in the boiling chamber.
  • The purified vapor then enters a condenser where it is cooled and returned to the liquid state.
  • The water is then ozonated which gives the water a lively taste and also acts as an antibacterial.
Steam distillation is widely recognized as the single most effective method of purification. At Le Bleu, not only do we steam distill our water but we perform a 5-step purification process. Le Bleu ultra pure water is just that - ULTRA PURE. In fact, it has no expiration date because there is nothing organic in the water that can grow in the bottle.
So, here we are at the beginning of the pure water adventure.

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