Friday, June 20, 2008

Water In Your Body - 55%-70%

Water fact: Do men or women have a higher body water content? See answer at end of the post.
My best friend recently came from California to visit me at Water World. Deborah is a vocal and dialect coach for actors. We were brought together by her daughter, Rachel, and my son, Thornton, when they were infants at the same daycare center. Deborah told me on first meeting that we were going to be best friends, and I guessed I just believed her! Anyway, Deborah's visit was to gather northeastern NC dialects for a book she has decided to write after years of teaching. We loaded up the car with LeBleu water and off we went to meet some wonderful NC inhabitants and get them speaking on tape.
Our first meeting was with Omie Tillett, an old-timer from the Manteo/Wanchese area of the Outer Banks. What a wonderful man! He was a bit shy about reading a piece Deborah had picked out for taping purposes, so Deborah let him pick his own topic. We spent an hour with Omie while he testified about his faith, and we learned to say, "Exoited!"
Our next meeting was with Mikey Daniels and Winkie Silver, two dashing and entertaining men from Wanchese. Mikey, along with 14 siblings, owns a large fishing operation in Wanchese, the Wanchese Fish Company. (Can you imagine their board meeting?) While Deborah was taping Mikey, I sat out on the front porch of Winkie's home and learned alot about his family and the area. Winkie (real name, Winston) has two brothers named Possum (John) and Bo, and his family has also resided on the Banks for decades. Winkie, by the way, is a loyal LeBleu customer!
On the way home, we took the time to stop by the Harbinger Lavendar Farm in Currituck County. Don't miss this attraction if you are every in the area during blooming season. A field of lavendar is a beautiful site:
Deborah was able to attend a morning meeting of my Rotary Club, the Currituck Wild Goose Rotary, during her visit. This is held at one of my favorite restaurants in Currituck and the Outer Banks, BJ's Cafe, on Thursday mornings. My friend, Wanda Beasley, and her husband, BJ, are the owners; and let me tell you, they can make some BBQ! They also have other wonderful items on the menu, but my favorite is biscuits and sausage gravy (hardens the arteries just looking at it, but it is some kind of wonderful!). I knew Wanda and Deborah were going to be kindred spirits, because Wanda was eyeing Deborah's orange leather purse before they were introduced. They hit it off so well it made me jealous! We went back that Sunday to get Wanda's voice on tape. Her family, the Midgettes, have been on the banks for well over 100 years, so she has an authentic mainland accent. My 15 year old, Thornton, thinks she walks on water. Visit her restaurant at and stop by on your way to the Outer Banks.
Deborah also taped one of our LeBleu drivers and water deliverers, Randy Barco. Randy's family has the town of Barco, NC named after them. Needless to say, his family goes back a long way. Randy, as a young man, served as a guide for duck hunters who came to the Currituck County area during the hunting season. I also have the priviledge to sing in the Mt. Zion Methodist Church choir with Randy. (I still owe him a beer for letting Deborah tape his voice.) Come back for more of the Dialect Water Adventure!
Answer: Men have a higher content of water than women due to a woman's higher body fat.

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